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September 17, 2008 - New Roof Installation Testimonial - Sudbury, Ma

I could not be more pleased with the professional, thorough and caring manner in which my project was undertaken and completed. 

David immediately responded to my call, made in the wake of a major leak into my home.  He inspected the roof, identified several other areas where the roof was failing, (which I had not been aware of) and he worked to schedule a much-needed roof in a very short time, probably shuffling less critical work to accommodate my more pressing situation.  I was very grateful for his level of concern, and I am sure that his caring and promptness saved me from water damage to other rooms of the house. 

The roof installation was handled with the highest degree of professionalism imaginable.  The materials were delivered on time (and the truck driver even happened to mention in passing that David is a good guy.)  The large and experienced crew worked together like a well-oiled machine, with the efficiency that comes from working together and anticipating the next steps along the way.   Seeing this made me, like any homeowner, feel good to know that my lovely home and I were in good hands—and that is just how I felt from the beginning.  

Initially I had been pleased with all the information he provided on his website which helped to understand the process.  I am also pleased that he provides a 15 year warranty on his labor and am confident that in the event anything happened, he would be here to stand behind his work.  Having seen the care that has gone into the application of the roof system, I have a feeling that won’t become necessary, but it does add to the peace of mind I feel on having had David Ness Construction secure my roof.   

I wish you well in your project; you’ll be in good hands with David and crew!     


Dorothy A. McGonagle 

Sudbury, Mass. 01776


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